And so it begins again…

So here I am… In the final hours of my maternity leave. The child, miraculously, is actually asleep (although as she’s currently waking up every half an hour that happy state of events is unlikely to last for long), so I am undistracted and able to work myself up into a frenzy in peace. Amazingly, … Continue reading

I’m back (almost)

So I’m seething. The news that Jeremy Hunt is proposing to name & shame GPs with a poor record in spotting signs of cancer has propelled me back to blogdom. However I’m trying to write this while my 8 month old is chewing my knees, and repeatedly trying to commit harakiri by hurling herself from … Continue reading

Colds suck…

I think I have mentioned before that the body fluid I hate the most is snot. I hate the look of snot, the texture of snot, but what I hate specifically is the sound of snot. When I applied for my first junior doctor job the rotations that included ‘respiratory medicine’ went right to the … Continue reading

The good, the bad and the internet

The boyfriend has suggested I might want to write something positive about motherhood, just in case social services turn up and requisition our baby. So here goes. When she’s quiet and just lying on you, sleeping, this feels like the best job in the world. On the odd occasion that breastfeeding isn’t torture we’ve laid … Continue reading

blood, sweat and tears

Having a new baby shares a lot with being a junior doctor. The sleepless nights, the constant sense of ineptitude, the crying fits in the bathroom over this constant sense of ineptitude. And the bodily fluids. Oh the bodily fluids. Not since my first job as an F1 in a ‘bottom of the bag’ geris … Continue reading

Rhythm & Blues

I have never had so many people concerned for my mental welfare before. Health visitors, midwives, doctors. Everyone is worried about me getting depressed. Apparently women with traumatic births and complications are more likely to slip down into the dark well, and seeing as I’ve had a couple of episodes of mild depression in the … Continue reading

Being the patient…

One of the best ways to learn how to be a better doctor is to be a patient. Whenever you do those ridiculous ‘What learning style are you?’ tests in orientation sessions (I mean for shits’s sake I’m almost 40, have done 3 degrees and taught myself medicine – if I haven’t worked out how … Continue reading

er. hello again.

Hi. Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit. Stuff changed and I wasn’t really in the mood to write about it… There were two main reasons for this Firstly, I hated hospital medicine. Hated it. As a result I felt rather cavalier about my career. My main thought was this; ‘Sod nights and this awful … Continue reading

On the other end of the stethescope

A couple of weeks ago I spent 5 days as the most expensive retort stand in history. Five days in theatre, sitting between the legs of various anaesthetised women, holding onto the end of a couple of probes, and moving my hands up and down and from side to side, in order to manipulate said … Continue reading

The ovaries are in charge

There is no place worse to work when you’re a childless female in her late 30s than an obstetric department. You’d think that a daily exposure to all the worst aspects of childbearing would put me off. But it doesn’t. Instead it’s turned my biological clock into some sort of high-pitched emergency alarm, and taking … Continue reading