Posted in August 2012

And sometimes you have good days…

There’s a tale that Kurt Vonnegut used to tell about his uncle. About how his uncle pointed out that we never say when we’re having a good time, only a bad one. So whenever he was having a good time, he’d make a point of saying, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is”. … Continue reading

My first dead body

A few years back, I was just like most people in the western world alive this century – I’d never seen a dead body. Obviously since then I’ve seen a fair few. But they still freak me out a bit. I remember my first day at medical school – when they took us down to … Continue reading

Why I’m sometimes jealous of tramps

Sleep. It’s now the basis of my most lurid fantasies. I chanced upon the mattress store while getting lost on my way to the path lab, and stood with my nose pressed up against the window, like a Victorian child outside a sweet shop. I tried my access swipe card. It didn’t work. I went … Continue reading

My first sick patient…

This is my third day of training to be a country GP, and I’m slowly starting to get the hang of how to log on to the computer. Which makes me enormously proud. I’ve also managed to get my card activated to let me though the security doors onto my own ward. Which is a … Continue reading

My first day as a doctor EVER

A couple of years ago, when I first embarked on this crazy life, I started writing a book* (sorry for those of you that know this already). Here’s what happened on my first day as a doctor EVER… Day one Tragically for the patients, I’d drawn the rota short straw and ended up spending my … Continue reading

Day one – And so it begins…

Sometimes I don’t think hospitals actually don’t want us to work in them. At present I am paying £12.20 every day to park in the hospital car park. Twelve bloody quid. That’s more than the cinema. And I LIKE going to the cinema. I attempt to rectify this situation by going to the parking permit … Continue reading