Posted in September 2012

Day 17 of 17 (forgive me for burbling)…

Theatre.   Never has a place been so aptly named. Before you arrive, a group of people who work behind the scenes have been cleaning and polishing and moving stuff into position. Sorting out lights, and costumes. Organising the props, so they are ready at the exact moment that they are needed.   Then the … Continue reading

Death doesn’t have to be scary…

I was sitting in the doctor’s office today, filling in blood request forms, with one of the nurses, when she looked up, and across at a very old man with dementia and multiple comorbidities, who is unable to eat, drink, move, or communicate in any way. ; ‘I think he might have died,’ she said. … Continue reading

Why being fat is no fun in hospital

Right. I know I’m treading on thin ice here, and I’m about to sound fattist, but bear with me… We all know the dangers of being overweight – it’s linked with heart attacks, increased risk of many types of cancer, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, liver problems and a gazillion other things. But that’s not why it’s … Continue reading

Touching and feeling

Gp induction day. A day when the 80-odd (and in some cases, 80 odd) 1st year Gp trainees from our area meet in the conference centre of a science park and navel gaze. I meet my new mates E & C at the door and we roll our eyes at the programme pasted on the … Continue reading

You can run but you can’t hide

Blissful few days off between nights for the wedding of one of my best mates. Spent the day with a couple of friends attempting to turn their garden shed into a desirable destination for their wedding night (as that’s where they are spending it). Which mostly involved trying to dissuade to boys from scattering the … Continue reading