Posted in July 2012

Black Wednesday

Thinking of getting ill tomorrow, or having some sort of accident? Well my advice is don’t. It’s Black Wednesday, and all right thinking people should avoid hospital like, well, like the plague. The reason is that on this, the day most feared by patients, nurses and senior doctors alike, all junior doctors change jobs. All … Continue reading

How it all started….

Two years ago I decided to write a book about becoming a doctor. True to form I wrote 50,000 words and then did nothing with it… so, in another bid to avoid the paperwork I’ve decided to look back and see how I felt two years ago. Here’s what I said… Bleeping. Bleeping haunts every … Continue reading

Day 0 (minus 2) cont

In what I suspect may be the first of many emails of it’s ilk, I have just had to ask the unfortunate woman in the postgraduate office exactly where I need to be and when. She replied somewhat testily, adding that I am the only person that she has yet to receive any paperwork from. … Continue reading

Day 0 (minus 2)

Y’know that bit when they say ‘today is the first day of your life’ and there’s a pause to reflect on days gone by, and days to come? And if it were a film, it would be shot at golden hour, with a soundtrack by some hip new country Williamsburg band. And it would probably … Continue reading