About 7 years ago I gave up a career as a successful magazine journalist to become a doctor. I still ask myself ‘why’ on a fairly regular basis. I think it was something to do with ‘giving back’, and using the bits of my brain that weren’t satisfied by creating a good picture caption to go with a shot of Jordan’s cellulite (surprisingly few bits actually – I’m still a huge fan of a pithy picture caption). But mostly I think “Shit. I’m exhausted, where’s my bed?”

Since then I have been sprayed with every single body fluid known to man, shed oceans of tears in most of the hospital loos, and occasionally got to high five a colleague after a successful resus.

Even though there are moments of every day when I question my career u-turn (or more accurately, moments of every night – the 3am crash call is never going to make me think “Thanks god I no longer interview boy bands and go to premieres”), I wouldn’t change my job for the world, and If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still carry on practising medicine (but strictly on a part-time basis – I’m not some sort of horrific do gooder).

As I watch the NHS crumble around my ears, I thought (mostly as therapy for me, rather than anything else), I should write about what it’s REALLY like to be a junior doctor. This is my story…. I hope you like it.


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