Time to explain my narcissism…

I’m exhausted and paranoid – and having one of those desperate need to explain myself moments. This blog may seem rather self-obsessed. I want to tell you why. I’m desperate to write about my patients. I want to tell their stories. They’re much more interesting than mine. But it is difficult to do. I have an ethical and moral responsibility to keep their experiences confidential, and until time has passed, and I am able to disguise the stories adequately, I really shouldn’t blab to all and sundry.

So if I seem like some horrific ‘woe-is-me’ princess, please forgive me. I’m protecting my patients and my relationship with them. Occasionally I will tell stories from the past, and add fiction to them, and combine and disguise them, so that my patient’s stories remain their’s alone, but for the meantime I’ll have to keep on with the moaning. Sorry!


One thought on “Time to explain my narcissism…

  1. you keep going, it’s always a great read. You are gaining followers quickly, have a great human angle, and are witty and funny too. I wouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly get hundreds of readers. There is a kindle blog publishing resource where people can subscribe, have a look at that.

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