Day 0 (minus 2)

Y’know that bit when they say ‘today is the first day of your life’ and there’s a pause to reflect on days gone by, and days to come? And if it were a film, it would be shot at golden hour, with a soundtrack by some hip new country Williamsburg band. And it would probably star Michelle Williams? Well today isn’t that day.

Today is the day in between the first bit and the second bit. It’s the day when you frantically try to pack everything into the back of a banged up Nissan Micra with a tape deck. The day when aforementioned Nissan Micra decides that it’s not going to let you open the doors, and you have to load and unload all of your stuff out of the sun roof. The day when you have to turn back half way down the road because you’ve forgotten your stethescope. It’s the day you desperately try to convince yourself that leaving all your friends behind in the city, and heading off into the wild blue yonder, was a good decision, that you actively made. And not one you chose at whim because you fancy surfers.

Six years ago I gave up a successful media career, and voluntarily plunged myself into poverty and bodily fluids to train to become a doctor. This is sort of what happened next. I hope you like it.


6 thoughts on “Day 0 (minus 2)

  1. love it lady! keep going, I want the next installment – how can it go wrong? men adventures, trainee doctor adventures and Truro adventures! xx PS this is your new flatmate’s blog ..Rachel

  2. Hey! I’ve just managed to figure that out myself. This is as good as when I worked out the ‘random shuffle’ on my i-tunes.

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